Ilya Monosov Research Abstract

How do humans and other animals learn, decide what is important, and choose an appropriate behavioral strategy? We believe that answering these questions will help us understand the principles and mechanisms of behavioral control.

To answer these questions, we use a variety of techniques and approaches, including carefully designed behavioral assays, neurophysiology, neurochemistry, brain imaging, optogenetics, and anatomical tracing.

Most recently, the lab is exploring questions such as, how do outcome uncertainty-related internal states, such as hopefulness or anxiety, emerge? And, what is their role in guiding behavior? How does outcome uncertainty modulate learning and memory? Which neuronal pathways underlie the internal measurements of outcome uncertainty?

The great opportunity in neuroscience is essentially that we know so little about the brain. Hence, new questions and research opportunities are always of great interest to the Lab. If you are a highly motivated student and want to work hard to discover something new about the brain, or just have a good idea and want to talk, please get in touch.