Research Abstract

Since its inception, Neuroscience has focused on neurons as the single most relevant cellular component of the nervous system for understanding its inner workings. Yet, parts of the mammalian brain are only comprised of 10-20% of neurons. Our research explores the role played by the remaining 80-90% of “non-neuronal” cells, called glial cells, in brain function. We focus on astrocytes, a sub-class of glial cells that has the ability to respond to different forms of brain activity and release signaling molecules that influence neuronal function. The goal of the Papouin lab is to understand how astrocytes contribute to information processing in the brain, at the molecular scale, circuit level, and in behaving animals... read more

Selected Publications

  • Smith S, Chen X, Brier L, Bumstead J, Rensing N, Epstein A, Crowley J, Bice A, Dikranian K, Ippolito J, Haigis M, Papouin T, Zhao G, Wong M, Culver JP, Bonni A (2020). Astrocyte deletion of α2-Na/K ATPase triggers episodic motor paralysis in mice via a metabolic pathway. Nat Communications. 11(1):6164.
  • Nagai J., Yu X., Papouin T., Cheong E., Freeman MR., Monk KR., Hastings MH., Haydon PG., Rowitch D., Shaham S., Khakh BS. Behaviorally consequential astrocytic regulation of neural circuits (2020). Neuron. In press.
  • Christian DL., Wu DY., Martin JR., Moore JR., Liu YR., Clemens AW., Nettles SA., Kirkland NM., Papouin T., Hill CA., Wozniak FD., Dougherty JD., Gabel HW. (2020). DNMT3A haplo-insufficiency results in behavioral deficits and global epigenomic dysregulation 2 shared across neurodevelopment disorders. Cell Reports. 33(8):108416.
  • Manno R., Witte J., Papouin T. (2020). A modular set-up to run a large line of behavioral testing in mice in a single space. Current Protocols in Neuroscience. 93(1):e102.
  • Ozawa M., Davis P., Ni J., Maguire J., Papouin T. & Reijmers L. (2020). Experience-dependent resonance in amygdalo-cortical circuits supports fear memory retrieval following extinction. Nature Communications. 11(1):4358.

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Thomas Papouin, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

Washington University
School of Medicine
Campus Box 8108
McDonnell Medical Science, 965
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 273-7738


Papouin Lab

Other Information

2007-2011, PhD, Neuroscience and Pharmacology, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France

2005-2007, MSc, Integrative Biology and Physiology, specialized in Neuroscience, Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm), Institut Pasteur, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

2004-2005, BS, Biology, Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm), Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

Selected Honors
2020-2022 NARSAD Young Investigator Grant/Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Award - named "Let the Sun Shine Run Investigator" by Kathy and Curt Robbins

2020 McDonnell Center for Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology, small grant award

2020-2023 Whitehall Foundation Inc. Research Grant

2020 Investigator Matching Center for Drug Discovery Micro Grant

2013-2016 Human Frontier Science Program long-term Fellowship, 61 awarded worldwide

2013-2014 Philippe Foundation Inc. Research Awards

2008-2011 French Ministry of Education and Research Fellowship

2004-2008 French Ministry of Education and Research Studentship, 21 awarded nationwide