Research Abstract

My laboratory focuses on the basic cellular properties of developing nerve and muscle with emphasis on relating structure to function. Several different projects are currently underway. The first involves the mechanism of nerve growth cone locomotion and the relationship between growth cone motility, guidance and nerve outgrowth. The focus of this work is on the mechanoenzymes and cytoskeletal components that are likely to participate in growth cone motility... read more

Selected Publications

  • Chandrasekar I, Goeckeler ZM,.Turney SG, Wang P, Robert B. Wysolmerski RB, Adelstein RS, Bridgman PC. (2014) Nonmuscle Myosin II is a Critical Regulator of Clathrin Mediated Endocytosis. Traffic. 2014 Apr;15:418-32. doi: 10.1111/tra.12152. Epub 2014 Feb 12. PMID:24443954
  • Chandrasekar I, Huettner JE, Turney SG, Bridgman PC. (2013) Myosin II Regulates Activity Dependent Compensatory Endocytosis at Central Synapses. J Neurosci. 2013 Oct 9;33:16131-45. PMID:24107946
  • Bridgman PC (2009) Myosin motor proteins in the cell biology of axons and other neuronal components. Results Prob. Cell Diff. 48:91-105.
  • Brown JA, Bridgman PC (2009) Disruption of the cytoskeleton during Semaphorin 3A induced growth cone collapse correlates with differences in actin organization and associated binding proteins. Dev. Neurobiol. 69:633-646.
  • Brown JA, Wysolmerski RB, Bridgman PC (2009) Dorsal root ganglion neurons react to semaphorin 3A application through a biphasic response that requires mutilple myosin II isoforms. Mol Biol Cell. 20:1167-1179.
  • Turney SG, Bridgman PC (2005) Laminin stimulates and guides axonal outgrowth via growth cone myosin II. Nature Neurosci. 8:717-719.
  • Brown ME, Bridgman PC (2003) Retrograde flow rate is increased in growth cones from myosin IIB knockout mice. J. Cell Sci. 116:1087-1094.
  • Bridgman PC (2002) Growth cones contain myosin II bipolar filament arrays. Cell Motil. and Cytoskel. 52:91-96.
  • Bridgman PC, Dave S, Asnes CF, Tullio AN, Adelstein RS (2001) Myosin IIB is required for growth cone motility. J. Neurosci. 21:6159-69.

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Paul Bridgman, PhD

Professor of Neuroscience
Professor of Bioengineering

Washington University
School of Medicine
Campus Box 8108
McDonnell Medical Sciences, 927
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 362-3449

Other Information

1974 BA, University of California, San Diego

1974 MS, University of California, San Diego

1980 PhD, Purdue University, Lafayette, IN