About the Cavalli Lab

The primary goal of the Cavalli lab is to unravel the molecular events that dictate the regenerative response of neurons in the peripheral nervous system and to relate this information to the lack of regenerative capacity in the central nervous system. Our proposed research has broad clinical impact, since axonal damage can occur in traumatic spinal cord injury, stroke, and many neurodegenerative diseases.

About Dr Cavalli

Permanent disabilities following central nervous system (CNS) injuries result from the failure of injured axons to regenerate and re-build functional connections. The poor intrinsic regenerative capacity of mature CNS neurons is a major contributor to the regeneration failure and remains a major problem in neurobiology. In contrast to CNS neurons, peripheral.
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Our Lab Members

Learn more about Cavalli lab members, their scientific backgrounds and research interests.
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Contact Us

Valeria Cavalli, PhD
Associate Professor of Neuroscience
Department of Neuroscience
Hope Center for Neurological Disorders
Center of Regenerative Medicine
Washington University School of Medicine
Campus Box 8108
660 S. Euclid Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110-1093
Phone: 314-362-3540
Fax: 314-362-3446
e-mail: cavalli@wustl.edu
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