Lab Fun Stuff


In 2019, we have been busy working and when we did have fun, we forgot to take pictures, but we did celebrate Dan's new job in New Haven, and Marcus' successful thesis defense!


Spring 2018 Valeria/Vitaly Joint Lab Brunch:


These people had the most fun!


Monday August 21, 2017

Valeria gave us the day off to experience the Moon's eclipse of the Sun:

We had to wear special glasses and the shadows went all soft:


Within minutes, midday:

Late Summer, 2017: 

Here we say "Farewell!" to Di and Takuya, "Welcome back!" to Valeria, and "Hello" to Oshri and Kathy at a nice local restaurant!

Valeria was on a half year sabbatical in 2016, so not many official lab trips or parties to report, but we will resume with fun activities in 2017!

Farewell lunch for Yongcheol, Fall 2015

A morning at Grants Farm, June 21st 2015

We forgot our camera for that lab outing!!! We had fun with elephants, snake and Budweiser beer!

An afternoon at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, December 19th - 2014

The lab moved the week of May 19th - 2014

From the 4th floor to the 9th floor.
To celebrate our new space, Doug prepared a beautiful cake
And we can now enjoy beautiful sunsets on Forest Park

An afternoon at St. Louis City Museum - July 31, 2013